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Huntington Bank
Main address: 919 5th Avenue 25701 Huntington WV
304-526-4600, 1-800-480-BANK (2265), ,
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  • Aug 29
  • Banks
  • Mountain View, California
  • 6

Called to cancel some automatic withdrawls because of car accident 4 days before they were due. I was told by a CSR it was taken care of and they would not show up. This morning I look at my account and it's good. 30 minutes later the withdrawals go through!!!. Now I'm overdrawn? Not only do I not have money I am told by CSR that the cancelld payments have to POST first then be denied. ... Read more

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  • Aug 13
  • Banks
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Debit Card
  • 50

I opened my checking account at Huntington about a month ago. My debit card never arrived in the mail. Multiple calls later I discovered that they won't issue a debit card due to "identity" issues. I had to bring in a utility bill and drivers license to prove who I was to get the card. It was over an hour drive to Huntington, today 8/13/2014 I made the drive all the way up there to prove who I... Read more

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  • Jul 25
  • Banks
  • Closed Account
  • 64

They closed my account and my four children's account (joint checking) and when I called the highest person in charge they simply told me that they have the right to close my account at anytime for no reason at all. I asked if there was a reason and the woman told me that she wouldn't tell me...... my family has been with this bank for over 20 years and this is how they are treating us! Spread... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Banks
  • Richardson, Texas
  • Closed Account
  • 30

received a phone call from corporate office informing me that they would be closing my account due to their incompetence to fax information needed for a state agency. I told the representative I would go withdraw all my funds and before I could get to the bank they froze and stole my money illegally.hunnington bank representitives are nothing short of thieves,liars and cheats.I hope everyone who... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Banks
  • Canton, Ohio
  • Over Draft Fees
  • 1
  • 1
  • 37

Huntington Bank actively promotes their asterisk free checking, but DOES NOT apply to their business checking. They also advertise no "gotcha" fees, but you will certainly find out very quickly that that is not necessarily the case. My son conducted two transactions on Saturday 7/5. They did not post until Tuesday 7/8. The same time that an unexpected post came in that... Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Banks
  • Lavalette, West Virginia
  • Mortgage
  • 41

Unfair, Dishonest, Poor Service, Nothing Good to Say I have tried my best to do business with the Huntington branch in Lavalette, West Virginia. We purchased a house in the area last year and were really looking forward to being a part of the community. well, Huntington clearly does not share our desire. First, we were lied to. We were told that the only fee for our new mortgage and line of... Read more

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  • Jul 04
  • Banks
  • Telephone Access
  • 22

Huntington National Bank (HNB) has so-called 24/7 "telephone banking" but for the past 6 months the hold times for a CSR is in excess of 60 minutes -- at ANY time of the day. Seriously ?? At 5:30 am EST my hold time was over 127 minutes (2 hrs, 7 minutes). Forget trying to call promptly at 8 a.m. Even better, some transactions HAVE to be done with telephone banking like arranging to use one's... Read more

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  • Jul 03
  • Auto Financing
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Car Loan Payoff Scam
  • 49

I practiced law for 18 years in the consumer protection area and plan to notify the Massachusetts Attorney General about the practices of Huntington Bank. Specifically, as an inducement for me to wire transfer money, I was promised that the title to my vehicle was to be mailed the next business day. The next business day I called at 9:30 am to ensure make sure that it would indeed be sent. I... Read more

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Credit card customer service is horrible. I was on the phone for an hour and a half. I was transferred over six times and my problem is still not resolved. Called back tonight to ask if someone at the branch could assist with my credit card. I was told they would need to transfer my call. Another hour wasted. Why can no one help me? Does anyone at Huntington bank know how their credit cards... Add comment

  • Jun 27
  • Banks
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Automated Telephone Banking
  • 23

I called Wednesday, June 25 to get my balance and recent activity on my checking account. I do this fairly often and it takes a couple of minutes. Well, I found the system had been "improved". No friendly automated voice told me that but it was evident when I was told that I was being transferred because the system did not recognize my Social. I held for assistance for approximately 15 minutes... Read more

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