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They stick you with bogus fees. They lower their interest rate just to charge you an application fee.

If you figure out the cost of their app fee, computed into their "low"interest rate, you would be better to go with someone else. Also they get you on some made up insurance policy. Some one time payment of an insurance policy in case you default. You would be better to go with another lender other than Huntington.

Those commercials are are false.

Huntington will fee you more than other banks. Beware you have been warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Huntington Bank Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They lie even worse about home loans from construction to refinance.

Subterfuge is employed to coerce funds from legitimate potential customers.

Thank Heaven I can read and do so when it comes to contracts.

I once felt that I was back at work explain basic banking principles to a so-called branch manager who was younger than my boots regarding negotiable instruments and wrongful dishonor thereof ; embarrassing for all concerned.

And their branch office smelled of mold.

Do not , repeat : do not believe a single verbal statement from any Huntington employee regarding any subject whatsoever without obtaining the same information in writing.

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