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I recently re-financed with Huntington Bank in Cols.Rate, closing fees were comparable but I went with them because I was already had my mortgage with them.

Big mistake. It took them 4 months to close me even though I had given them everything they needed asap and my friends were all closing in a matter of 3 weeks with Arlington Bank. It's a long story but in addition to long time it look, they also had to re-schedule my closing 3 times because they did not have the paper work ready, could not tell me how much to bring to closing as a cashiers check, were late to closing, opened a checking account which started with a negative balance when I did not even have a debit card, checks or anything, and it goes on.... I told them clearly I was dissappointed.

They said the manager would call me and 1 month later - nothing.They suck and rec not going with them!!!!!!!!!!

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They screwed us royally on our refi.....we're supposed to combine our loans which they didn't do so we ended up in collections on a second mortgage that wasn't supposed to exist anymore.Paid it to get rid of it and that was in 2011 here I am in 2014 and they are still showing it on their books and I have a letter which states paid in full.

They don't clean up their messes these guys are idiots!Do NOT use this bank they will rip you off!


Applied for a Harp program loan back in 2009 so I could lower my interest rate which was %7.35 Due to my home equity with Huntington that went from 2% to the 7.35 in three years I rolled the home equity loan into a mortgage loan.Shortly after I did this the mortgage rates started to go down and I was eligible for the HARP program.

After I applied it took the loan dept over six months to get back with me, only after I called the bank manager. The response was that my loan was denied because of some glitch on how my loan was written. I wasn't even eligible to refinance on a regular loan with them either. I attempted the same thing again two years later and the same thing happened this time I didn't pay the $300 appraisal fee.

Haven't gotten another bill for that after I called the district manager this time. Therefore I am completely stuck with this %7.35 interest rate for twenty some years.

I have been searching but so far no other loan company will refinance me because I owe less than $75,000..


Huntington took forever to close when I refinanced with them.Had to reschedule my closing because my appraisal had expired.

Hard to get a hold of the girl to answer questions. When I asked why it was taking so long, she responded that many people are buying and they are trying to close them.

Hello, I have been waiting for 3 months to close and have great credit and a good job.Will not recommend them to anyone.


Huntington Bank SUCKS!!!!!!My husband and I attempted to re-finance our investment home which we owned for over a year.

Our credit scores were over 800 respectively. Our jobs are secure and good income. The re-fi was a low amount and we've been trying to get this loan since July 2010 (its now Jan 2011).... We have given Huntington our income/tax info 3 times.

The mortgage rep John Chesney will never return my phone call.

We spent $400 for an appraisal and that it lost because we are so fed up, we are going to try a credit union.F*%$ those big banks and their big F**&^%* bonuses!!!!!

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