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I dealt with the First Merit bank for over ten years!. I considered First Bank friends, the branch I banked at was polite, friendly and great!.

I knew the tellers so well, we exchanged conversations about our life and theirs. It was Wonderful! Then comes along sucky Huntington Bank! That was the beginning of the for me!.

I was hung up twice or maybe three times! Ironically, Huntington took off First Merit only three days ago. I was hung up twice by the rude and hostile Huntington customer service. Huntington Bank is Not CHASE!

My impression is Huntington displays a strong arrogance attitude by the tone in their voices and their horrible customer service. They sent information about their becoming the new bank or merger with First Merit, who knows or cares anyway. They changed my routing and checking numbers without my knowledge, charged me over thirty dollars to have checks printed for use with use with Huntington! In the manner of changes, new banks are supposed to send new customers free checks!

I could go on but if you read other reviews concerning Huntington Bank they are absolutely true and sad for the individuals that have or had the misfortune of dealings with this Banking Institution !!!!!!!!! Consequently, I am closing my account. I am fortunate there is another bank institution across Huntington!. DO NOT EVER CONSIDER HUNTINGTON BANK FOR ANYTHING!.

Your money is better served in a mattress!. I guess Huntington Bank is unaware of Chase, Bank of America etc. Not including other new smaller banks that are available!. I discovered on-line their is agency that serves customer complaints with banks.

The phone number is : 855-411-2372. Forgive me, I am unsure the correct name of this organization but you will find out when you call them. Bye Bye Huntington you STINK!

Better Bank days are hopefully ahead for me and all others that are dealing or have dealt with this crummy bank! sammi

Review about: Huntington Bank Check Cashing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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