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Huntington Bank Home Loan Review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2 of 2 people found it helpful
I can make 50-100,000 take home pay. I have IRA's that I make monthly payments to etc..I find the house, get the inspection, wait for the appraisal etc. I show them bank statements and last two paystubs and watch the god awful 2 hour BS video etc and all of a sudden, they want 3 years of W2 forms! and a signed letter stating I rent, a copy of my lease etc.. The list was so long and ridiculous that I dropped them and will have to start the...
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  • Inaccurate financial advice
I am a first time home buyer whom has been banking with Huntington for quite some time. Getting a home loan thru Huntington has been the worse experience of my life. The Mortgage officers do not return calls,do not offer any assistance with the buying process. I was told to physically get bank statements and fax them to my mortgage guy. "I Bank With You!!" What are we talking about. I was searching for insurances companies on my own, just...
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Our mortgage loan was bought but Ohio bank at that time Huntington Bank continues to be Bill and threathens us for over 5000 stating when loan was bought out this amount was still our responsibility!! Our house was in an active foreclosure due to health reasons and several hospitalizations.. I still pay for the PMP Insurance have had our loan for 20 years I can't get help from customer service u have names of all I spoke with as a consumer you...
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